Guild Merchandise

Guild T-Shirt's

Guild T-Shirt's $20 plus $4.90 Shipping

$2 extra for XXL

CCSG T-Shirts

Guild License Plate Holder's

Guild License Plate Holder's $5

For up to 1-2 holders click here ($2 shipping):

For 2 - 10 holders click here ($4.90 shipping):

For more please contact [email protected] for shipping cost.


Guild Bumper Stickers


CCSG Bumper Stickers are $5 for Paid members and $10 for Non-paying members

(You get one free bumper sticker with paid membership of $20.  To join click here!)

Shipping is .44 cents

CCSG Bumper Sticker


These books and tools below are sold through and a percent of each sale goes to support your guild.

We tried to select items that would be beneficial to chainsaw carvers.